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Some more random rambles

I’ve moved on from this project. My most recent site is New Jersey Project Manager.

This is a relativity new blog that I created to help promote my future line of baby books. Of course I’m not published yet. I don’t have a publisher, and I don’t have an agent. All I have are my ideas, a few written words and website or two.

So can I call myself an author. I wouldn’t just yet. I did go to Book Expo America the other day. It was cool. My badge said published author. Michael Ian Black asked me what my book was about, and I proceed to explain to him that I hadn’t actually published a book yet… so that was fun.

Anyway to go along with my website and blog, I’ve created a Google plus page and a Facebook page for my main brand. You can find these below:

Google Plus Page for Sports Book for Babies

Facebook Page for Sports Book for Babies

I’ve also been very active on Twitter, but I’m not going to link to my Twitter account… Why? Well, I don’t really need to promote it right now. And who needs new followers? Not this guy. After all I can buy 5,000 for $5 off of If you want followers, I would check them out.

So now I’m just rambling, but the next thing I really need to do is to get an agent. I really think that this is the best way that I can get published. After all sometimes “it’s not what you know, but who you know”. And I really believe that that’s true a lot of the time.

Just think about it. The leaders of our world are there because of who they know. The large majority of them grew up privileged with rich families and a lot of connections. They said anyone could be president, but Obama is a Harvard grad. Bush went to a Ivy league school too. Not sure about Bill Clinton, but I know that Romney grew up in private boarding schools, and his father was a Michigan Senator. But I digress…

So I need to meet a few people in the publishing industry. And I think the one of the best ways to do this would be by joining the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Someone I talked to at the Book Expo also recommended a website that I should check out. I don’t remember what it is now, but I have it written down somewhere, so I’m sure I’ll find it months from now and probably throw it out.

So am I at 500 words yet? I think I’m past it, but I have no way of knowing because I’m writing this in my email to post tomorrow. I’m not really going to get into why I’m doing this. It’s a boring story. Anyway since I’m at 500 words, which is my usual target, I think I’m going to stop writing now. If you’ve managed to read through all my ramblings, I appreciate it.

Thanks for visiting my site! Please come back again.

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Is anyone interested in kids books about sports?

That is the question that I’m trying to answer here. There are a lot of baby books for sale at places like Amazon, but what kind of books do people actually buy? Are they interested in baby books about sports?

The way I see it, there is really only one way to find out. I have to write several books, try to sale them to a publisher (or self publish) and then see if anyone will actually buy these books.

I think writing sports books for kids and for babies is a great idea. There are a lot of people out there that love sports. There are also a lot of people out there that are having babies. Add those two factors together with people that are shopping for baby books, and it think there is a market for this type of thing. That is actually why I created this website, and why I’m writing about it now.

There are a lot of things that I can write in this space, but I’m not really sure if it’s worth it yet. I haven’t talked to anyone about my idea and right now I’m not sure if I will ever get a book published. So why did I buy a domain, create a website, and create this WordPress blog too! Well I’m an optimistic person who also enjoys blogging. Even though I haven’t published a book or even got anyone to read one of my books yet, I believe that I will someday, so all this pep-work will come in handy.

I think that’s why I actually started using Twitter the other day too. I’ve had a Twitter account for years, but I’ve never done anything with it. But once I decided that I was going to try to write a series of books and seriously started to think about networking, I started Tweeting. After all most successful people who are trying to sell something have a Twitter account, no?

So that’s it for now. I’ll probably revisit this site and post an update soon. Thanks for reading and come back often!

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Trying to buy

So I’m trying to buy the domain name The current owner hasn’t developed the site and I will. I’ve offered him $50 for the domain, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

Honestly I love the domain I plan on writing a series of exactly these types of books and I want o call my main site Sports Books for Kids. Of course if I can’t get the domain, I don’t think I’ll do that. I do have a few other ideas for the name of the site which I can fall back on if this guy insists on not selling me the domain or asks too much money for it.

If I can’t buy the site from this swadouche, I think I’ll register I typically don’t like buying domain names with a lot of dashes in them because they look kind of unprofessional, but in this case, my main site will have another name, and I’ll want a site that targets selling children’s books about sports.

So we wait. I just offered him $50 for the name yesterday, and I’m going to give him 5 days to respond with a counter offer before I contact him again.

I did a little research on the owner and it turns out he wrote 4 children’s books about sports. This makes me a little nervous that he doesn’t want to sell the site because he still has plans to develop it at some point down the road. This could be a problem for me. If this guy has some kind of emotional attachment to the domain name, it could make it very hard to buy and drive up the price.

As I type this post, I am practicing my typing. I’m trying not to look at the letters on the keyboard as I type this so that I can learn to type better. I remember when I was in school our teachers taught us to type this way. Of course like a lot of kids I didn’t really focus on learning the correct way and instead spent my time playing games on the computer. Unfortunately because of this I never really learned to type the correct way, and I am still trying to learn today.

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Sports Books For Kids

Thanks for checking on this new site! We’ll be updating soon! Right now I’m just testing this blog to see how it works. This is the first time that I’ve ever used a blog before, and I’m not sure how it will look, if there will be adds and if I’ll want to continue to use this site going forward.

I probably wrote enough for now.

By the way, if I like this site, I’ll be updating this blog with information about the best kind of sports books for kids. Thanks!

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